Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. The use of the reservation process on event-tickets.be implies acceptance of the Terms and Conditions as listed on the website www.event-tickets.be/en/algemenevoorwaarden. These Terms and Conditions are also free available on request: Steenweg op Antwerpen 74, 2300 Turnhout, Belgium. The tickets that are resold without permission, give no right of access to the event. The organizer and / or the official ticket distributor reserves the right to cancel tickets as soon as it is established that despite of this prohibition, tickets are offered for sale. The costs as a result of the cancellation will be charged to the purchaser. Identity control of the ticket owner by the organizer or the official ticket distributor is possible. Cancellations and / or changes of the event gives no reason to a refund of the ticket.

  2. The tickets will be reserved at the time of confirming the order. The tickets will only be sent after receipt of a correct payment. The reservation will be cancelled if the tickets are not paid within the specified payment period. This deadline will be strictly enforced. VAT and additional taxes are always charged to the customer.

  3. The tickets will be sent by mail to the address specified in the reservation procedure, unless the customer or organizer have other specific wishes about this matter.

  4. If an organizer cancels his event, the tickets will be refunded by the organizer of the event if the ticket monies already paid by Event-Tickets to the event organizer. If the ticket monies have not been deposited by Event-Tickets to the organizer, the ticket shall be refunded by Event Tickets.

  5. Tickets and reservation fees may be paid via bank transfer or another payment method. The customer has the right to indicate, by registered letter, that he renounces the purchase without penalty and without giving any reason, within 7 working days, provided that the date of the event within is this period, from the day of the delivery of the tickets.

  6. Event Tickets employs all reasonable means to keep the information on its website is complete, correct and up to date. It does not provide any guarantee in this regard, and can not be held liable for direct or indirect loss sustained by anyone resulting from visiting or using the website, unless that person proven intent or gross negligence on the part of Event-Tickets.be. Event-Tickets.be is not liable for force majeure delays or prevents the implementation of this agreement. Inter alia, but not exclusively considered as force majeure: strikes, natural disasters, flood, fire, occupation, extreme weather conditions, government measures, mechanical breakdowns. Event-Tickets.be should not provide proof of unforeseeable or unavoidable nature of such force majeure event.

  7. These terms and conditions govern the entire contractual relationship between Event Tickets and customers, with the exclusion of the general terms of the customer. Any change or deviation from this or any addition should form the subject of a written agreement. The non-exercise of its rights under these terms and conditions by Event Tickets can not be considered as a waiver of its right to do so in the future. Event Tickets has the right to these terms and content: www.event-tickets.be at any time and without prior notice, to change. The changes are effective from the moment they appear on the website. The relationship between the customer and Event Tickets will only be governed by Belgian law. Any disputes will be submitted to the competent Courts of Turnhout. The parties accept in their relationships expressly electronic means (email, fax, ...) as evidence.

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